Joelma records her first solo career DVD!


In São Paulo, Brazil the night of this last Wednesday (09) the singer Joelma (42), recorded in her first solo career DVD.

With tickets that cost from R$100 to R$ 2,000.00 (R$ = Real, Brazilian Currency), the singer sold out in less than a week, two months in advance of the date set for recording!

The night was special for the singer Joelma, with a great production and structure the same presented songs of its first solo album “Joelma” that reached second place of Billboard 200, and of its recent EP “Delicate subject“.
Joelma still had the participation of the singer Ivete Sangalo, in the song “New Love” (Unpublished) and Solange Almeida of the band Aviões do Forró in the song “Woman Does Not Cry“. And a more special participation of his sons Natalia, Yasmin and Yago in gospel musicGod’s love

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With the release of Joelma’s new work scheduled for 2017, we’ll have your last single “Pa’Lante” released throughout Latin America!

Check – Pa’Lante – Joelma


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